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Globalization and Business Development Consulting Firm

Inter Link Services Pvt. Ltd. is a International Business Development Consulting Firm and we start developing your business when you start to think International, Asia, or India. We identify opportunities, provide market data and studies, formulate entry strategies, determine risk, find partners or help you come into India on a 100% owned basis. We provide administrative, legal, accounting and due diligence services, and help direct your project all the way into manufacturing.

We provide ongoing services for foreign businesses in India. This could be by joining your Board or by providing continuing advice, restructuring business or partnerships, financing and acquisitions, and by future business and strategy development.

We have worked in USAEuropeMiddle East, Pakistan, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Korea, and China

We have a global associates in USA, Latin America, Europe, Australia and China. This will help our clients enter countries globally and for foreign companies from around the world to enter to enter India.

You can reach us at:

Inter Link Services Pvt. Ltd.

K-185, Surya Plaza Building

1st Floor, Sarai Jullena

New Delhi 110025

Tel: 11-26831226

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